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True Leadership The Source Of Success

In her landmark study, Lisa Rubinstein answered the burning question, “What is it about great leaders that sets them apart from the rest?” Through interviews with well-respected Australian leaders in business and government, in the CEO’s office and small businesses, she found that great leaders share common fundamental qualities that others lack. In her book, True Leadership: The Source of Success, Lisa coaches you on how to develop those essential leadership qualities, to help you be a true leader of teams and companies.

In this book, Lisa provides help in at least two important ways: she defines leadership in a new and powerful way and she offers real help to anyone aspiring to be a better leader.

Walter McFarland

President Windmill Human Performance

Ms Rubinstein has nailed the essential elements and sources of leadership in business and in life. Her compelling book provides insights to excellence in modern leadership, guidance to anyone wanting to be a leader, and canny observations of how true leaders extend their personal and life values to create organisational excellence.

Wayne Burns

Director at ACIL Allen Consulting