People and Enterprises achieving their full potential

Align Change Achieve

Leaders of successful, peak performing companies tap into each and every person’s unique potential, enabling them to contribute and know that they matter. They also know how to manage change effectively to ensure the initiative fully meets their objectives.

Few companies get this right which is why 70% of change initiatives fail and on average only 30% of employees are engaged.

Our evidence-based alignment and change-management initiatives translate ideas into action to deliver immediate and sustainable results. We help you move past the typical “steps and procedure” approach to change to effectively manage the mental and emotional journey that is the real determinant of success.

We help you navigate the impatience around the “soft” issues to deliver significant, often dramatic results. Our initiatives encourage greater cross collaboration, trust and acceptance and give all participants the opportunity to contribute to the process and overall success of the team and organisation, no matter their level of seniority.

Clients have achieved upwards of 200% growth in their business in the first year, sales increases of 50% over two years and top line revenue increases of 66%.

Your strategic planning workshop brought a new level of alignment, communication and performance to the team. We are continually amazed by how these small actions have led to significant, quantifiable results both in the short and long term. We saw immediate progress in achieving our objectives and there were real tangible outcomes in the feedback from the business units. Rather than diminishing, the impact of the workshop has continued to build over time.

Lina Melero

General Manager, Corporate Communication - Origin Energy

Lisa has been outstanding as an executive coach and facilitator with my team. The challenge was to work with a high performance team and give them tools and permission to go even further. Such a team contains complex individuals, and Lisa was great at motivating and engaging them in a highly successful review and refocus program.

Howard Glenn

General Manager, Office of Boating Safety & Maritime Affairs - Transport for NSW