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Align, Inspire, Perform

Most companies operate at 30% of their potential.


How do you fill the gap between where your people are at, and what you know they can achieve?

Our strategic planning taps into the unexplored wealth of all your people in your team and organisation. This ignites peak performance, innovative, agile thinking, and independent accountability. We then channel people’s energy and enthusiasm into a practical roadmap that keeps everyone in action and communication.


Success becomes inevitable.

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Make Learning Social

Our online social learning platform links neuroscience to everyday language to bring learning to your daily activities and dramatically increase retention and return on your investment.

Employees are empowered to manage up with confidence.

Leaders learn to manage down with wisdom.

Face-to-face or web-based platform

We help you get to everyone in your company in a cost-effective, time-sensitive, habit-building process.

“By practising these individual skills, I’m starting to build habits and experiencing positive changes in interactions. I’m remaining motivated to learn more, build on what I’ve achieved and I’m enjoying the differences!” Ian Hodge, Managing Director, Dell Australia

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Develop Leadership Wisdom

We combine neuroscience knowledge with martial arts wisdom to give leaders deep, sourceful thinking and essential people skills. Clients then facilitate constructive, insightful conversations that build greater engagement, ownership and performance.

Employees thrive under our leaders and switch on, becoming more resilient, adaptive and open to change and diversity.

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Be Ready To Learn

Ready to learn is the holy grail of performance.

Cultivating people’s readiness to learn delivers true influence, as you’ll know what conversations will have the most impact, when to engage and whether your efforts will pay off or not.

Ready to learn reveals how your culture and leadership is either helping or killing performance, and what changes will make the most difference.

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