People and Enterprises achieving their full potential

Most companies operate at 30% of their potential.

How do you fill the gap between what your people are doing and what you know they’re capable of?


Switched On And Ready To Learn?

Globally, companies spend an estimated $135bn p.a. on training and development. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 90% of new skills learned are lost within a year, representing a massive waste of time, energy and resources, as well as a missed opportunity for companies and employees.

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Training and Development Magazine Oct 13

“Here we go… again” went through my mind as Mark rose to speak. We braced ourselves for the barrage of complaints we knew was sure to follow, and hoped it would pass quickly. I stood there feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of an onrushing train, not knowing what to do or how to stop him.

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The Cost Of Words

Leadership and management is primarily focused on how to effectively use the resources in a business to achieve the desired objectives. The resources with the biggest impact in any organisation are its people, and achieving business performance is 95% people and only 5% systems.

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Dropping Poor Me

It starts when we are young and Tommy hits us on the playground. Our sobbing, “Tommy hit me and made me cry!” is met with the first lie, “You poor thing, that Tommy shouldn’t have hurt you and made you so upset!”

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Breaking The Box

How “Inside Out Solutions Thinking” Leads to a Competitive Advantage. How do people come up with innovative ideas that stand out from the competition? How do you overcome being stuck in a limiting mindset and think outside the box to solve problems?

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Are Your People Ready To Learn?

Making a case for learning initiatives may always have its challenges, but in recent years, with increasing time and financial pressures, it’s become even harder. No-one has much free time on their hands and while people may theoretically be open and interested in growth and development…

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