People and Enterprises achieving their full potential

Accelerate Leadership Excellence

Better Health, More Wealth, Happier Self

Break through the barriers to career advancement and earn what you deserve as a strong woman and leader!

Whether you’re a leader in a small business or large organisation your ability to influence others and be mentally agile holds the key to your success.

Join this transformational program to:

  • Tap into your core strengths to advance your career and earn the salary you deserve
  • Find a way to balance your career and relationships while still having time for you
  • Be able to influence even the most difficult people
  • Push past the circumstances that are holding you back
Be prepared to be challenged and have your assumptions turned inside out. Alyssa Harrison

Coordinator Petroleum Register, Dept Mines and Petroleum

Wise Leadership

Wise leaders understand and empathise with their people to help them consistently bring their best to work each day. We support you and your people build the knowledge and wisdom to maximise the performance and potential of each and every person on your team.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leadership Coaching

Re-write your future and build powerful frameworks for success

Leaders who can motivate and inspire their people to take ownership will consistently outperform, no matter the challenges thrown at them.

When leadership thinking lives at all levels, companies experience a leap in engagement, performance and innovation. Success becomes inevitable

Our leadership excellence programmes help you improve the quality of your thinking and communications. You will discover and foster your unique talents, define your leadership voice and improve your ability to inspire others to follow you.

Clients achieve unprecedented results in work and life, significant improvements in the quality of their leadership with increased gravitas and influence.

We combine neuroscience with martial arts to give you a unique learning experience to develop the thinking, perspectives and habits of a great leader.

Our clients have:

  • Accelerated the success of their strategic plan within half the expected timeframe
  • Been promoted to senior leadership roles
  • Built aligned, highly successful teams and companies
  • Significantly grown the size and scope of their business while increasing their time with family and friends

I have to say it has been the most beneficial exercise I have ever undertaken. Your coaching has really made me understand myself, my behaviours, my goals and it is making a difference every day.

Peter Russell

Partner KPMG

I have been challenged and inspired as you have taken me through a planning process that has been immensely rewarding. I have found the coaching process to be so valuable and admired the skill and intelligence you have brought to our discussions

Andrew Clark

Partner, Clark Jacobs

Leadership Mentoring

Learn from experienced leaders how to maximise your potential

Benefit from the hindsight of experienced and highly successful leaders to be an outstanding leader who consistently delivers. Through open and practical discussions, you’ll learn invaluable insights into the key areas of business, i.e. People, Processes, Products and Profit.

You will gain:

  • New knowledge and skills
  • Insights into the unwritten rules of leadership
  • Strategy and execution tips and insights
  • 5 key attributes of leadership excellence
  • Increased understanding of how to build high performing teams

You’ll develop greater emotional intelligence, invaluable skills and critical thinking to significantly improve your leadership performance, and your ability to respond effectively to the challenges of a highly competitive, complex business environment.

I used to push people to engage and take responsibility. Now they are being accountable, taking responsibility and telling me what they are going to do. They are proactive, delivering on time and hitting their targets. It has transformed the operations . I also have a lot less stress

Ravi Raghavan

Managing Director, Tecumseh Products India

It was superb and made me think about issues that never occurred to me before.

Rod Adams

CEO, Quay Consulting


True Leadership Intensive

Develop the critical foundations of effective leadership to build and sustain peak performing teams.

Learn how to increase your power and influence, and to elicit the best in others.

Participants report making dramatic changes to their leadership practices, work and personal habits. More than simply imparting useful tips or strategies, our programmes alter your paradigms around leadership and people, and equip you with the essential skills that immediately impact your capacity to lead and achieve.

Participants report many benefits including:

  • Improved performance and results
  • Better relationships
  • More effective communication
  • Increased power and influence

I found the ‘light globe’ coming on above my head from the very start – thinking of situations, past and present, where I had succeeded in regard to management, but more importantly the areas and situations where my management of our team and myself had led to a less than ideal outcome. Situations where, if I had maintained my integrity, the long term outcomes could have been completely different and far more beneficial

Tim Horton

General Manager, Shredlock