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Who We Are

We are leading coaches and trainers with over 20 years of professional experience in senior roles as former CEOs, business owners and executives, and have extensive training and development in world-leading, science-based coaching and training methodologies.

Companies that apply our principles experience dramatic increases in employee engagement, productivity and performance with a new level of trust and partnership between leadership, managers, staff and customers. More then just change management – our work takes you into a new paradigm of success supported by the systems, practices and principles essential for significant sustainable results.

Using research and science-based approaches to learning and development, we enable you to move beyond the boundaries of familiar frameworks and entrenched behaviours to break through to new and unpredictable levels of performance.

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You have provided me with a unique sounding board, at a time that my business has been going through significant growth and change. It has helped me to define my role in the growth and development of the business going forward. Andrew Holder

DirectorAmicus Interiors

Our Team

Lisa Rubinstein, CEO

Lisa Rubinstein

Lisa is a neuro evangelist, infecting her audience and clients with her enthusiasm for how neuroscience and martial arts ancient wisdom can disrupt the corporate mindset and melt the management permafrost. Her dynamic facilitation, coaching and speaking challenge paradigms to deliver extraordinary results that last.

She brings over 20 years and multiple disciplines to her programs which have brought a new level of success and joy to thousands of executives and managers around the world across a diverse range of industries including financial and professional services, government, health care, manufacturing, mining, retail and technology. Her clients include board members, CEOs, senior executives and leaders from BRW top 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Lisa currently chairs the board of the Women’s Indigenous Network, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organization that is engaging the country’s leading organizations to provide leadership pathways for Indigenous women.

In the 2015 ebook, “Why Good Managers Fail”, Lisa documents research on the issues with traditional organisational structures in organisations around the world revealing an innovative approach that rewrites the book on effective management.

Published in 2011, Lisa’s book, True Leadership, incorporates the latest findings in the neuroscience and psychology of leadership combined with interviews with well-respected, highly successful Australian leaders to reveal a new model for leadership in a self-guiding coaching journey.

Lisa is a “subject matter expert” on leadership. Her presentation style is inclusive and she definitely has a unique ability to involve her audience. She left our management committee with good content but also challenged our own paradigms in an effective manner. Eddie Grobler

Divisional President Australasia, MasterCard Worldwide

John Lowe, Corporate Strategist and Revolutionary


John is a systems thinker, designer and strategist. As a software engineer and chief architect he designed and coded the trading engine of the world’s first fully electronic national equites markets in Zürich, Switzerland and was a high performance software engineer of ASX in Sydney. He is appointed by the Australian regulator ASIC as an independent financial markets expert and primary author of mandatory technical market readiness reviews for new exchanges in Australia, and wrote reports for CHI-X and APX.

As a strategist and agilest, John does does final target due diligence in the M&A team for a fortune 1000 firm and a leading New York private equity firm. He was IT Strategist for the leading independent fund manager Perpetual, a R&D VP for Phoenix Technologies in the Bay Area of San Francisco, and Managing Director of Liquid Data Labs a boutique advisory firm. At Liquid Data Labs, John led teams for strategic planning, operating model design and development, and business case development in large global and local firms in Australia and Asia.

He is a co-founder of an Eco Innovation Builder, aimed at bringing long term sustainable development to society.

John is a personal relationships and communication coach, where people have seismic shifts and then produce previously unimaginable outcomes in relationships they care about most.

Christine R. Williams, Regional Manager, North America

Christine R. Williams

Chris has over 25 years experience designing and creating programs and strategies that enable organizations and individuals to improve performance and achieve their goals. Her cutting edge programs are considered world-class by both industry and Government standards and she is frequently invited to speak internationally on the topics of leadership development, organizational change, executive coaching and the application of advances in neuroscience to improving employee learning and organizational effectiveness.

Chris served as the Director of a number of NASA’s most successful agency-wide and organizational and leadership development programs including the agency’s first technical leadership program.

Chris is hard wired to focus on results and the achievement of mission success. She uses her knowledge of the dynamics of complex systems to help individuals and organizations successfully achieve their goals within their unique environment and culture.

Among her awards Chris received the Leadership in Action Award from the Council for Excellence in Government, NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal, External Achievement, Creative Management, Innovative Management, and Space Flight Awareness Awards.

After receiving her BS in Oceanography, Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Johns Hopkins University with an MS in Organizational Development and Applied Behavioral Science. She also obtained a certificate in business management from the Harvard Business School and a Professional Coaching Certification from the Newfield Network.

Chris lives in Annapolis Maryland with her husband.

Michelle, Organisational Psychologist and Associate Coach NSW

Christine R. Williams

Michelle is an experienced coach, organisational development (OD) consultant and facilitator who is able to combine significant corporate and commercial experience with a background in senior management, business administration, organisational psychology and coaching psychology She is a seasoned organisational and personal development professional offering a breadth of experience gained over 30+ years in multiple industries, diverse roles, all sectors, and 4 countries. Michelle has a strong profile as an executive coach for leadership development in Government, having coached more than 70 Senior Executives in the NSW Government. She has been appointed to the NSW Government Coaching Panel since 2013. Michelle is a registered psychologist with a Master of Organisational Psychologyand a Master of Business Administration.

Michelle has 10+ years middle, senior and board management experience and knows first-hand what it is to provide leadership through change and optimising organisational performance. She has extensive experience gained over 20+ years in designing and delivering programs for developing leadership skills and facilitating personal growth. She has 5+ years’ experience in organisational development (OD) consulting and designing and delivering assessment tools for improving employee engagement, organisational change and OD strategy. She also has 3+ years’ experience in delivering both bulk and tailored assessment and development solutions. She has worked with commercial, government and not-for–profit sectors. Michelle is passionate about coaching leaders to leverage their strengths and have the courage to recognise and address potentially derailing behaviours.

Allison O’Shea, Associate Coach


Allison has a diverse corporate background across a range of industries including finance, law, insurance, tourism technology (start up), health and sport and has held senior leadership positions in all of these industries.

She has a passion for coaching, mentoring and development of leaders and business, helping them to thrive with a focus on authenticity, mindfulness and corporate wellbeing.  She is a Consultant for Corporate Wellness at the Golden Door Australia and is active in the Not-for-Profit sector as a Board Director of Special Olympics Australia and an Advisory Board member of the Sydney Womens Fund.

Allison is qualified in science, health and law at undergraduate level and has a Masters in Health Law and Business from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and the University of New South Wales.  Allison is also accredited with the Academy of Brain Based Leadership and the Neuroleadership Institute.  In addition she continues to learn and teach in the areas of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and resilience as important skills in leadership and wellbeing.

Jackie Oliver, Professional Certified Coach and Corporate Trainer

Christine R. Williams

Jackie has been developing leaders and high performance teams for over fifteen years. She is a Professional Certified Coach and Corporate Trainer with extensive business and leadership experience.

Jackie is passionate about mindset change that benefits both the individual and the organisation. She partners with leaders and individuals to deepen their self-awareness, to help align their values, beliefs and mindsets with their behaviour to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Jackie works with leaders at all levels to bring about change and growth, particularly in the areas of Leadership Development and Team Excellence, with a focus on the leadership of self and others.

By understanding the different types of goals and their relationship to the process of change, Jackie applies Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to assist clients to develop and grow their organisational, leadership and strategic excellence, and most importantly, their personal well-being and sense of self.

As an experienced Learning and Organisational Development practitioner, Jackie has partnered with leaders from some of Australia’s largest organisations – as well as private and public sector clients across Asia Pacific. Her experience spans finance and banking, legal, insurance, property, aviation, retail and pharmaceutical.